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Case IH Puma 140-175 tractors refined and refreshed for 2022

Customer-focused revisions and updates for the Puma 140 - 175 range / Three new specification packages cover key sets of features typically sought by buyers / Premium cab receives further interior upgrades / CVXDrive transmission enhanced for improved response /

Case IH Puma 140-175 tractors benefit from a number of new features for Model Year 2022, designed to enhance productivity and enrich the operating experience. Following on from the success of the updated long wheelbase Puma 185-240 series, the new Puma 140-175 standard wheelbase series – with maximum power from 155hp-200hp – is upgraded across areas including vehicle presentation, driveline behaviour and cab ergonomics.

The profile of the series remains the same, with three versions which focus on specific customer requirements. The entry level Puma 140-165 is the economic choice, the Puma 150 and 165 Multicontroller provides customers with more automation, and the Puma CVXDrive delivers premium productivity.

New productivity features and cab enhancements

The new Puma 140-175 models build on the positive feedback and reaction from customers of the recently-revised long wheelbase Model Year ‘21 Puma 185-240 tractors, with enhancements and improvements aimed at benefiting both owner and operator.

A redesigned entrance with Magnum-style steps provides easier access, while in-cab upgrades include phone mount, USB power ports and a tablet mount to ease in-cab management. Interior materials have been upgraded to premium-quality, automotive-type cab trim, and a new premium Case IH leather steering wheel will increase the driving appeal.

Visibility on the Multicontroller and CVXDrive models is improved thanks to a new wider-sweeping low-mount wiper which covers 60% more area, and there is also a new cool-box available for refreshments. For loader users a new advanced joystick, with integral forward/reverse shuttle and gear-changing features, will improve cycle times.

At the rear of the new Puma models, top link stowage ergonomics and the hydraulic connections have both been improved for greater robustness. Other enhancements include LED marker lights and an air-line connection for inflation and air cleaning.

CVXDrive improvements

Puma CVXDrive models have been subject to transmission upgrades, with Case IH engineers having focused on developing the driving experience by improving the shuttle and acceleration/deceleration behaviour, and enhancing the drive pedal sensitivity. There is also now greater Multicontroller sensitivity and position detection, with an override capability added to the cruise control pedal, which customers will appreciate when turning at the headland. CVXDrive settings can be easily customised via the AFS Pro 700 display.   

New Case IH customer packages

Three new packages available for the Puma 140-175 tractors will make it easier for customers to choose their ideal specification. The Selection Package, for entry level Puma 140-165 models, meets essential customer requirements. Puma Multicontroller and Puma CVXDrive tractors are available with two packages, Advanced and Professional. The Advanced package pre-selects the most common features many customers require for daily operations, while the Professional package is focused on AFS technology, being guidance-ready and with the AFS Pro 700 display.

The new tractors are available from spring 2022.



Case IH Maxxum models enhanced for 2022

Revisions and updates for 115-150hp model range / Maxxum 150 gains more power / Three specification packages to cover key sets of features sought typically by buyers / Premium cab interior upgrades / CVXDrive transmission features enhanced /

The Maxxum 115-150 tractors, the mainstay of the Case IH tractor range suiting the widest breadth of buyers across the company’s customer base, has been subject to a number of updates and refinements, with changes to areas ranging from the operator environment to transmission operation.

The six-cylinder Maxxum 150 at the top of the range – all other models are four-cylinder tractors – has gained five horsepower in unboosted rated power to produce 150hp, meaning it moves 5hp ahead in power when compared to the next model in the line, the four-cylinder Maxxum 145. All other changes, though, apply to the entire range, with changes to the new Maxxum models focused on fit and finish, reliability and customer features that are targeted towards enhancing driver comfort and productivity.

New specification packages

Maxxum models are now available with three specification packages. Maxxum and Maxxum Multicontroller tractors can be ordered with the Selection package, a set of commonly-sold options covering most customer needs, while Maxxum, Maxxum Multicontroller and Maxxum CVXDrive tractors can be also had with the Advanced pack, a set of technology features which professional customers will appreciate for daily operations. Lastly, Maxxum Multicontroller and Maxxum CVXDrive models can be specified with the Professional package, providing access to the latest technology features to unlock the full potential of the tractor.

Meanwhile, the Maxxum range has been improved in the areas of presentation, experience, build quality perception, ergonomics and visibility, in order to provide an even better working tool for both owner, and an even better experience for the operator.

Externally, there is a redesigned cab entrance with Magnum-style steps. Once seated, operators will find a raft of small but significant changes to make their daily lives easier, including a phone mount, USB power ports and a tablet mount. Ahead, a new wiper arrangement covers 60% more of the screen more area, while the driving experience can be enhanced by premium leather steering wheel and new advanced joystick options.

In the cab, these tractors inherit many features from their larger cousins to improve the operator experience. These include premium-quality, automotive-type cab trim, improved visibility, enhanced ergonomics and a new cooled storage compartment – essential for long working days.

Transmission upgrade

On Maxxum CVXDrive models, transmission operation has been enhanced to introduce additional ‘clever’ CVT operating features. In response to customer research, driving characteristics have been improved to maximise shuttle and acceleration/deceleration response, while drive pedal sensitivity has been refined, sensitivity and position detection of the Multicontroller enhanced, and cruise control pedal override incorporated.

Externally, Maxxum models now benefit from better top link stowage ergonomics and hydraulic connections, making life easier when coupling and disconnecting implements. There are also new LED marker lights, plus a new air-line connection for inflation and cleaning.

The new tractors are available from spring 2022.

caseih_l_loaders  caseih_l_loaders_inside_cab

Advanced specification and novel dealer support approach for completely new Case IH loader ranges

Three new lines for Farmall C to Puma / 27 models match customer needs and tractor types / Designed for maximum visibility and capacity / Maximum lift heights 3.5-4.7m; maximum lift capacities 1.2-2.7t / Sales, spares and service directly from Case IH and its dealer network /

Case IH has announced a totally new line of loaders for tractor ranges from the Farmall C to the Puma, with advanced coupling features, tailored design for each of the three new series, and a fresh approach to configuring, selling and supporting the complete tractor and loader package.

The new loader series is split into three ranges, and Case IH engineers have worked closely with the loaders’ manufacturer to ensure their features and specifications precisely match each tractor series for which they are intended. Case IH is also announcing a new approach to selling and supporting tractor/loader packages, with a new integrated ‘one stop shop’ structure to aid customers when specifying, selling and supporting loader and tractor packages.

With the new Case IH loader business approach, the customer benefits from simpler and smarter dealer sales and support, a wider front loader and implement offering, and higher specification and performance. The dealer is able to order the tractor and loader together, thereby operating a more efficient sales and support system, and there is also benefit for Case IH itself, which gains a new premium loader line matching the build of its tractors.

A new way of selling and supporting

The all-new A, U and T front loader ranges can be ordered through the Case IH dealer configurator digital software, making possible a single purchase of selected tractor and matched loader, along with any attachments, ensuring the best possible combination is configured for the customer’s requirements.

All activities concerning installation of the loader at the dealership, customer support, supply of spare parts and any service requirements are, with the new approach, also part of the offering from Case IH and its dealers.

Specifications to suit every situation

The new Case IH loader line-up comprises three ranges and totals 27 models, the widest the brand has ever offered. All can be ordered with a broad range of implements/attachments.

The flagship T range is aimed at high-output work, with premium specification including hydraulic self-levelling, and in sizes that match Case IH tractor models from the Farmall 55C to the Puma 240. Next comes the U range, aimed at everyday handling tasks, and available in with mechanical self-levelling and non-self-levelling versions, matching Case IH tractors from the Farmall 55C to the Puma 175. At the base of the line is the three-model A range, an entry-level, lighter front loader for general handling work, with three models featuring mechanical self-levelling, suiting Farmall 55C to Maxxum 140 tractors.

For the most demanding operations

The ten loaders in the T series have maximum lift heights that start at 3.75m, with the flagship model lifting to 4.70m. Lift capacities range from 1,390kg on the smallest model to 2,720kg on the largest. All feature a design that protects the hydraulic hoses by routing them inside the loader frame and cross-bar. Standard hydraulic self-levelling incorporates integral compensation cylinders connected to the headstock-dumping hydraulic cylinders, resulting in fast load/unload cycle times. This can be aided by an AUTO-UNLOAD System® option, which synchronises grab-opening and bucket-dumping functions.

As on the T series, the hydraulic lines on the 14 models of the U range are routed inside the loader frame to protect them from damage. Maximum lift heights on these models start at 3.50m and rise to 4.50m, while maximum lift capacities for the U range start at 1,210kg and top out at 2,230kg.

At the base of the line is the three-model A range, an entry-level, lighter front loader for general handling work, with three models incorporating mechanical self-levelling, matching Farmall 55C to Maxxum 140 tractors. The A series loaders have lift capacities from 1.3-1.7 tonnes, and maximum lift heights from 3.5-4.0 metres.

SHOCK Eliminator® shock absorbing is standard on all three ranges, to minimise transfer of load shocks through to the tractor and operator, for smoother, faster, safer tractor/loader operation. Hitching the loader to the tractor, as well as uncoupling it, is eased and speeded by the FITLOCK 2+ System®, which automates the process, while a MACH System® multi quick-coupler makes for fast connection of hydraulic and electrical services in a single process.

Numbering system makes models easy to understand

The new Case IH loader line uses a simple numbering across the three ranges to make selection simple and load/lift ratings easily understandable. All model numbers begin with L for Case IH front loader, and as an illustration the L4020T model lifts to a maximum height of 4.0 metres and has a maximum lift capacity of 2.0 tonnes. The final letter denotes the range.

Tractors specified loader-ready from the factory are fitted with a common bracket and the MACH System® multi hydraulic/electrical service quick-coupler. Control of the loader and third and fourth hydraulic service functions are via the tractor hydraulic valves and joysticks. The package is completed with a robust cross bar and integrated engine hood guards.

An integrated system of support

The new range of Case IH loaders is covered by the same warranty and product support processes as the Case IH tractors to which they are fitted. This new and enhanced level of support from Case IH and its dealers extends to spare parts supply, with stocking and support of these items treated in the same high-level manner as tractor spare parts.




Case IH Farmall C tractors receive updates along with Stage V upgrade

Four-model 90-117hp range receives engine upgrade / New 3.6-litre FPT unit offers greater displacement / Moves from two to four valves per cylinder / Power and torque levels up / Maximum torque achieved at lower engine speed / Servicing enhanced / New option pack /

The four-model line of Case IH Farmall C tractors, the brand’s 90-117hp all-round models targeted at  professional small and mid-size livestock and mixed farmers, gains a new engine for 2022, meeting Stage V emissions regulations and bringing with it a number of other benefits for performance and servicing.

At the heart of the improvements to the tractors is a new FPT Stage V four-cylinder engine offering enhanced performance and greater efficiency when compared with the Stage IIIB engine it replaces. The new engine, the F5, has a greater cubic capacity, with a displacement of 3.6 litres compared to the 3.4 litres of its predecessor. However, despite the increased capacity there are no changes to engine dimensions.

It also features four valves per cylinder versus two on the former engine, for enhanced combustion, and has a common rail fuel injection system for reduced fuel consumption and improved power delivery. This brings a number of performance benefits, including increased power output of up to 5hp, and higher torque levels – up to 10% more, with maximum torque at a lower engine speed of 1,300 rpm.

New exhaust after-treatment system

Stage V Farmall C tractors also benefit from a new exhaust after-treatment system, courtesy of the compact and maintenance-free FPT HI-eSCR2 solution. To meet Stage V legislation, this integrates a diesel oxidation catalyst, a maintenance-free particulate filter and a selective catalyst reduction unit in a single compact layout. As a result, visibility from the operator’s seat is unimpeded, while manoeuvrability and ground clearance are uncompromised.

The engine uses a low rate of exhaust gas recirculation of less than 10 per cent, which helps ensure optimised combustion and minimises the dimensions of the selective catalytic reduction system. The compact HI-eSCR2 after-treatment system is maintenance-free, which means it requires no replacement of components or mechanical cleaning during the whole lifecycle.
The new engine also brings with it some serviceability enhancements, such as one-side (left hand) access to key service points including the engine oil and fuel filters.

Package of features

Farmall C tractors are also now available with a ‘Selection Pack’ of specific options to cover key customer needs. These include the Active Drive 2 transmission with powershuttle and powerclutch, providing up to 24 forward and 24 reverse gears with optional cruise control and creep speeds. Also in the package are front and rear axle electro-hydraulic differential locks, electronic draft control, a 64 litre/minute hydraulic pump, three-speed PTO and optional front linkage.

The new tractors are available from spring 2022.

41_CIH_SMRA New Style-PRINT[10]

Latest Offers From Case IH

New Optum AFS Connect: comfort and connectivity enhanced to ease workload for both owner and operator


New cab, controls and connectivity among key areas of enhancement / All-new interior with the new Multicontroller armrest, configurable controls, AFS Pro 1200 monitor, tablet instrumentation / Instant data transfer and remote monitoring courtesy of AFS Connect /

The Case IH Optum CVXDrive tractor range – a strong seller for the brand since its 2015 introduction, on the back of its compact yet high-horsepower and high-specification design – has been re-engineered to create the new Optum AFS Connect range, with a new cab, interior and connectivity package designed to benefit both the operator and the owner.

Key among the changes, the new cab brings with it more space, lower noise levels and improved vision. There is a new Multicontroller armrest, configurable controls to allow the tractor and its implement to be adapted to the operator and the task, and upgraded luxurious interior materials. All of the changes have been designed to ease the operator’s workload, enhance efficiency, raise productivity and ultimately boost the bottom line of the business running the tractor.

Primary principles retained but refined

The Optum AFS Connect range, like the line-up it succeeds, contains three models, with rated power outputs of 250hp, 270hp and 300hp, all featuring the Case IH CVXDrive continuously-variable transmission. However, many of the rest of the tractors’ key design points are new. At their heart is a new cab in which a number of key areas of the interior have been completely redesigned. Many of these features are inherited from those established on the Optum AFS Connect’s larger Magnum cousins, which were upgraded to AFS Connect specification in 2019. They include the Multicontroller armrest and its multi-function lever, larger AFS Pro 1200 touchscreen monitor with greater functionality, and A-pillar tablet instrumentation for engine/transmission information read-outs. Meanwhile, the new tractors are now equipped as standard with the Case IH AFS Connect telematics package, for instant-two-way data transfer between tractor and online management portal, real-time machine monitoring and much more.

Key controls re-thought and re-designed: more intuitive and individual operation

One of the most prominent features of the new Optum AFS Connect range is the cab. Here, operators will find a larger interior with a volume increase of 7.5%, enhanced vision, courtesy of 11% more glass, and a noise level of just 66 decibels, helped in part by the premium materials in which the cab is now trimmed. All of this is designed for even safer, simpler and more enjoyable operation.

Inside, a prominent new feature is the all-new Multicontroller armrest, incorporating a new Multicontroller lever with configurable buttons. Via the new, larger AFS Pro 1200 monitor at the armrest’s front, key controls on the Multicontroller and armrest can be customised to suit operator preference and the job in hand, including the function buttons and remote valve paddle switches. The new ISOBUS-compatible AFS Pro 1200 touchscreen monitor has a high-resolution screen that not only allows the operator to monitor all primary tractor functions, but can also show front and rear camera feeds and is the key control gateway to operating and optimising the engine, the CVXDrive transmission and the tractor’s hydraulics and PTO. There are also short-cut keys and a new encoder turn-and-press dial on the new armrest, as established on the Magnum AFS Connect models.

Via the AFS Pro 1200 terminal, users can manage the tractor’s AccuGuide automated steering system and – for the first time in this Case IH tractor class – full AFS Connect telematics capabilities, technology which is well established on Case IH Magnum, Steiger and Quadtrac AFS Connect tractors. With this system of wireless two-way data transfer between the tractor and the AFS Connect online management portal, tractor owners and farm managers have complete control over farm, fleet and data management, to help minimise costs, enhance efficiency and maximise performance. Tractor performance and implement operating data are immediately, securely and continuously sent to the online portal for access by the tractor owner/manager. This allows them to make management decisions more precisely and with greater speed, supported by instantly-available and accurate data, both current and historical. They can also monitor real-time information such as the location of their tractors, their fuel levels and other key management and performance data. In this way it is possible to, for example, deliver diesel to a tractor as required, improve machine logistics or see if a job has been completed. As data transfer is possible both ways, job instructions, application maps and other data can also be sent remotely to the tractor from the farm office PC, using the ‘Farm’ tab in the AFS Connect web portal.

Farmers and – with permission – dealers can use AFS Connect Display Viewing to view the AFS screen display in real time as the driver is seeing it. For farmers/managers, this allows operating data to be checked and, if required, suggestions for adjustments to be made. Owners can choose to allow their Case IH dealer to remotely monitor their tractor’s AFS Pro 1200 terminal screen via AFS Connect, if they so wish. Potential advantages include dealer notification of early warning signs of a tractor fault or issue, remote service access, and the opportunity to provide operating advice based on machine data. Under this AFS Connect Support PRO package, firmware over the air capability means dealers can wirelessly update the operating firmware of Optum AFS Connect tractors, meaning owners and operators can then immediately benefit from new features, functionality and enhancements.

More comfort, enhanced control

To aid servicing before entering the new cab, the operator benefits from new integrated service aids including an air line at the rear. New step arrangement lead the way to a lighter and brighter cab interior, with more internal space and upgraded premium materials.

Many of the key controls with which the operator comes into regular contact have been completely re-thought. This includes a new Multicontroller armrest, complete with the redesigned Multicontroller multifunction lever and featuring remote valve switches incorporating pressure release for easier coupling. Among the other innovations incorporated into the new armrest and multifunction lever are buttons and hydraulic remote switches that are configurable according to operator preference and the requirements of the task. Via the AFS Pro 1200 terminal, each driver can set up the tractor exactly as desired, offering a personalised Optum AFS Connect operating experience.

That theme continues with the new AFS Pro 1200 terminal itself, which has a larger touchscreen than the former AFS Pro 700 unit, but is still sited within comfortable reach and sight at the head of the armrest. The terminal also incorporates more configurable settings, including a camera feed for front and rear cameras as specified. Many functions can be operated either via the touchscreen or via a new turn-and-press encoder dial on the armrest, for the same personalised operation.

From the operator’s seat, new external styling front and rear – such as lowered rear fenders – brings visibility benefits, while the four-pillar design of the cab, with full-length doors, also aids sight lines. The upper curved edge to the windscreen helps maximise natural light ingress, aids vision and a new low-mounted wiper design provides a 27% increase in cleared area. Night visibility can be enhanced by LED road and work light packages with up to 14 lights in the roof, four in the front of the cab, two on the rear fenders and six in the bonnet

Keeping the operator cool and refreshed

For winter warmth and summer cooling, operators now benefit from a new pressurised climate control package, with more outlets for enhanced air distribution, aided by auto-zone control. The use of premium soft interior automotive-style materials not only gives the inside of the cab a luxurious feel, but also plays a part in a reduction of noise levels down to an extremely low 66 decibels.

A high-specification seat incorporating lateral suspension features full cooling and heating capabilities, and has an upper swivelling backrest for easy and comfortable turning in the seat to monitor implements behind and when reversing. Meanwhile, the operating experience is further upgraded by a new drive pedal, which provides enhanced precision and control for slow-speed inching, field work with headland turns, and high-speed travel out on the road.

The greater cab volume and interior redesign also means Case IH designers have been able to incorporate more storage. To keep the driver refreshed on long days there is an integral coolbox under the passenger seat, with sufficient space not only for a lunchbox but also for a pair of two-litre bottles.

The need for any modern tractor to be able to support in-cab monitors and provide power for mobile phones and smart devices is met by a number of USB sockets, to ensure implement operation and connectivity is uncompromised.

New Optum AFS Connect: the next generation


“The first generation Optum CVX took Case IH into a whole new category when it was launched in 2015,” notes Dan Stuart, product marketing director Europe.

“The new generation Optum AFS Connect takes its capabilities another leap forward. It gives users a versatile 250-300hp tractor with continuously-variable transmission that offers even more in terms of comfort, capability and connectivity.”






Would you like a new tractor ?


Can’t really afford one ?

How about a nearly new unit instead ?

Check out the Case IH used equipment website – – and contact your Case IH dealership today for details and pricing.


CaseIH Vestrum CVX


CNH Industrial takes extra steps to ensure high service levels to dealers and customers during the COVID-19 situation

CNH_Industrial_AMS_AG_brands_Depot 1

CNH Industrial Aftermarket Solutions and Company Brands Case IH, STEYR and New Holland Agriculture, take extra steps to ensure high service levels to dealers and customers during the COVID-19 situation

CNH Industrial Aftermarket Solutions, the function ensuring global parts, technical service and service excellence within CNH Industrial, and the Company Brands Case IH, STEYR and New Holland Agriculture, implement the necessary steps to protect joint workforces during these unprecedented times.

CNH Industrial Aftermarket Solutions is working harder than ever to keep Parts Operations up and running during the current situation. The clear target is supporting dealers in servicing the needs of farmers, and the health and safety of all involved is a key priority. With this in mind, it is important to reinforce the following key messages:

•    European parts depots are operating as usual, respecting all local government health and safety guidelines.
•    Transports ongoing in most of cases with no delay versus normal delivery times. Air freight deliveries across Europe have been increased to guarantee short resolution times.
•    Dealer Parts Support and Parts Sales Managers are working remotely throughout all European sites to ensure the same level of service whilst protecting the health and safety of all employees.
•    European dealers are open or available by telephone to support customers enquiring about essential parts to maintain and support field work.
•    Technical support teams are working remotely but are fully functional to support dealers and customers, especially as the season is commencing across the European region.

Concerning Service, CNH Industrial Aftermarket Solutions is fully committed to the health and safety of its team, and at the same time is ready to assist Dealers and Customers in the field, all whilst respecting each countries respective national guidelines.

Access to Technical Training Schools is currently suspended, however there is a wide selection of online courses which dealer technicians can access remotely. Virtual classroom training sessions are being organized to keep dealer technicians fully updated on product technical developments, leveraging the Training WebAcademy to deliver the most urgent training to the dealer network.

It is important to reiterate that the main priority is the health and safety of all involved parties, including employees, dealer partners and customers, whilst maintaining the usual high service standards.

CNH Industrial Aftermarket Solutions would like to thank its dealers and customers for their continued cooperation during this critical time. What we do today, is making a real difference tomorrow.

CNH_Industrial_AMS_AG_brands_Depot 2




The Scottish Machinery Ring Association Retrospective Rebate Scheme provides a rebate over and above any agreement between the purchaser and their dealer.

Farmers continue to negotiate with their supplier and come to their own agreement when they buy a tractor or any other Case IH machinery from a recognised CaseIH dealer.

Then send a copy of all appropriate paper work to your local Ringlink office. This paperwork must depict the relevant serial number for CaseIH auditing purposes.  These copies must be dated for the year in which the claim is made.

Details of what exactly is required is available from your local Ringlink Office

This annual scheme runs from the 1st December to the 30th November inclusive.

For full terms and conditions contact your local Machinery Ring Office.


Case IH ex-hire units – available for immediate delivery: visit

Dealers Primary Contact Phone
G Marshall (Tractors) Ltd George Marshall 01835 823240
J & W Tait Ltd Peter Tait 01856 873003
Glenside Tractors Ltd Iain Barbour 01586 553624
W & A Geddes Ltd Andy Nicolson 01955 602207
Wm Rose & Sons Ltd Ian Rose 01968 660777
R C Dalgleish Ltd Robbie Dalgleish/Mark Hislop 01576 202422
Ramsay & Jackson Ltd Neil Ramsay 01290 550329
Balgownie Ltd Mike Singer 01467 621493
Mark Garrick Ltd Mark Garrick 01343 860556
Everitt & Marshall Adrian Everitt 01434 603194
J Low Agri Services Ltd Jimmy Low 01383 830220
AL Agri Andy Mitchell 07709 215713



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